Jun 16, 2011


I woke up this morning with a smile on my face. A very short-lived smile.
The first news I ran into on twitter was that unknown people had detonated a bomb in the parking lot of the police headquarters in Abuja.
And people died.
Not to rehash all the plans GEJ has extolled about how he was going to tackle the security situation, but this is clearly not what we were promised. We were promised increased security, a dedicated anti-terrorism team, a hands-on approach.  We need not be told that no real results have been seen. Its getting worse, and we all know it.
What worries me is that we know it, yet we sit with it. and do nothing. We are letting things get progressively worse, and we keep making half hearted efforts until all these issues accumulate and then demand attention all at once. A stitch in time saves nine, they say, but when the first cracks appeared in our national garments, our leaders refused to stitch it. Then more appeared, and more, and now we are clothed in rags, and still No one is stitching. I feel scared to think about it, but we may be nearing the tipping point and I shudder to think of what will be on the other side.
GEJ if at all he is concerned about this country, about the well being of 150 million Nigerians he was sworn to protect, then he should act now and act decisively. I have not heard that he even made a reaction to this event. But I know, and most Nigerians know it, that this is not business as usual. If this is not met with the kind of leadership that a country in crisis demands, then a lot of people will lose faith in Nigeria. And most importantly, many lives will be put at even greater risk. And if we really are committed to building a nation, that is something we cannot afford. GEJ, all eyes are on you. Make us proud. Please.

Jun 6, 2011

A Billion Madness

So GEJ was inaugurated, and the ceremony cost a billion naira.
That isn't as half assed as the initial budget estimated at a little over 4billion, but shit damn, thats one billion naira spent on ONE day's event.
What did they spend it on? New spray paint for our national cake perhaps, cos you know no matter what happens outside, in the corridors of power, there must be cake.
But for real, shouldn't we at least pretend to care that Nigerians are suffering? Wasn't that the basis of GEJs election? I still am worried about the tendency I see in Jonathan towards overspending, and underperforming. If we spend a billion naira for Presidential inauguration, imagine what we will spend on Independence day, then deomcracy day, then Mrs. Jonathan's umblerra parties and what not.
I worry oh.
Granted, a special group of Nigerians called Naija Hacktivists, took it very personal and did their thing, taking down some sites. So even though more Nigerians should have reacted to this, at least we're not all complacent and used to it. We still have questions.
As Chude succintly told the President during their lunch, I too will be watching. He's made some good moves, and not so good moves in his appointments. I chose to say nothing. All my comments for now, are for him to have the best of luck. Not for his sake at all. But for Nigeria's. Cos if he messes up, it may be catastrophic. But if he does even moderately well, it will be the catalyst we need. Nigerians are watching. Let the billion be justified.