Jan 12, 2012

Occupy Naija!

   You know it was only a matter of time before Nigerians occupied something. After all, when Arab spring happened, we are already pining for a Nigerian summer. And then occupy protests raged around the world, and Nigerians, eternal attention whores felt left out. Jona merely gave them a reason to occupy.

For the record, I think it makes sense for the subsidy to go. But typical of the careless way the government does EVERYTHING, Jona and co chose the worst possible way of implementing it: overnight removal. Now, I know the fuel being pumped now probably already got subsidized but hey, tell that to the birds. We are predators, all of us. And the government well and truly spares nary a fuck.

Our protesters on the other hand, seem to be stuck on mamby-pamby land of N65/liter fuel never mind that that price was agreed on when oil was like $80 per barrel. Laudable, courageous but ultimately naive.
It only saddens me that people are dying for this. And Mallams like EL RUFAI are dancing like a jealous co-wife whose husband was finally giving a bit of attention. Inciting people and stuff. Thats the sad part..that our people will come out of this just as ignorant and easy to hoodwink as they went in.

But then again, maybe the Occupy will scare our government enough to be more careful. Im not holding my breath, but you never know.