Aug 31, 2010

Are U Keeping It Real?

Stop and think a minute about how many times uve accused others of 'not keeping it real' and by implication giving the impression that u do a much better job than they do at being 'real'.
But r u really keeping it real? Are u a person who values style more than substance?

These days we spend our time, energy, money, and creativity trying to show off the hardest. We create a persona and devote so much energy in maintaining it that we even begin to bliv our own lies and forget who we originally were. We live a lifestyle that is not ours. We come across as people we are not. We do the most shocking things to get attention, like pretty balloons, we're all pretty outside but inside there is nothing but air.
These days people seem to have everything except themselves. Like nickelback, we're all hoping to "come back someday and find ourelves" again. We are ashamed of our past, or people we've been friends with. So we try to maintain a facade. But honestly, who doesnt know that no one can escape himself at the end. Our shallow lives soon will evaporate then we will be left with just ourselves, our real selves. Then we will look in the mirror at the man we hate and try to deny.

Wouldnt it be much better if we were people of substance. A man of substance is himself at every minute of the day. If he acts a certain way, its bcos he loves it and feels it wholesome, not to get attention. A man of substance knows himself and what he is, no more, no less. He is joyful of his strengths and understanding of his weaknesses. He can improve himself, but he does it based on reality. He changes his 'being' not just his actions. He has no pretenses, he knows they're useless.
Wouldnt it be so much better if that is how you live ur life? And if it is, I congratulate you. But if you're still trying to be loud at the world, then look at urself again. Silent waters run deep. Stop screaming for approval.

Stop pretending

Be urself

A Reality Stricken
El Divine

Aug 30, 2010

What Adam Did??

You know how you cant sleep at nite so ur brain begins to take u on a ride between reality and fantasy. The by product of that state is that u suddenly become a genius at figuring out stuff that dont make half a sense when ur fully alert.
I had one of those episodes last nite.

It began with Adam and Eve (isnt that where everything else began too?). I was just thinking what kind of fruit they must have eaten that gives the 'knowledge of good and evil'. Unless something has significantly changed..we know that kind of knowledge doesnt grow on least not the trees we've come to know. So, like many other intelligent mumurities around me..we are unanimous that this 'fruit' was nothing more than 'koboko'. Now evidence: Mr. and Mrs. Adams dint have no kids until after they ate this 'fruit'. Suddenly, once they ate comes Cain wt Abel carrying his coat lapel. Evidence number 2: said fruit first savorer was Eve (prolly led on by serpent to rub her muff) then she GAVE to adam. If said fruit was on the tree...what stops Adam from plucking it himself. Why wuld it require Eve to GIVE it to him?? Then...why in heavens name will a fruit make a grown man realise he is NAKED?? Dont tell me nothing abt magical fruit, cos God made a wholly physical world. This aint no fairy tales...fruits dont make u suddenly know GOOD and EVIL. In our own times..what is the parallel experience of realising ur NAKEDNESS (and hence stop sharing a bath with ur younger bro/sis) and the sudden sense of I know GOOD and BAD hence im no longer a child. When does a man's eye OPEN like Adam's did. Yea, u guessed it..puberty. When ur sex urge kicks in. So in every points to sex. ADAM and Eve knacked...and their eyes were OPENED, and they were like GOD (in our case, we would say we are like our PARENTS) knowing GOOD (abstinence, which never works) and EVIL(sexual xperience, which is always sweeter.) Thats why they say 75% of human psychology is tied to the sex urge.
The only hole in this theory is the 'tree of life' that would have made us immortal if God dint lock us out of it. If the 'fruit' in Genesis is biological, then the 'tree of life' has to be of the same kind, cos we agree they are the same kind of tree. So what is the equivalent of a biological capability that we have, that we cannot access or make use of, that would have kept us from dying. Now in my theory..I say it is something close to our mind. Why did I say so? Hypnotic experiences show that no one dies until they are first convinced of it in their mind. Body operations have been known to be sustained beyond normal expected ability and when a person shouldnt b living just bcos they refused to be convinced to let go. And it is said that we use only 10%percent of what our minds are capable of, no matter how much we try. So if this is the case, imagine the 90% we're not allowed to access. People move stuff with their minds as of now, so they could prolly move mountains. People hold death off for seconds, minutes, hours or days more after they should be dead, so maybe with that 90% they could do it for thousands of years. People read minds or see visions, maybe with the 90% they would v been omniscient. If we had use of the 90% then who knows we may have been like God. So maybe that is what the tree of life we were locked out of was there for. Mayb its what the serpent was telling Adam when he said, u can be like God.

But even if its not, at least Ive shared with all of u the thoughts my mind was making while in between that mentally productive state between being awake and falling asleep. Now, I wanna hear what yall think??

El Divine

Aug 27, 2010

Today Was... of those days. You know them, those days that nothing ever gets done. A warm blanket of lethargy just DESCENDS on u from d moment u wake up and u begin to reap the 'blessings' of laziness
I had only two classes today and I went to...none. What was I doing..? Nada. Just chilling. Not sleeping, not reading..just laying about. I didnt eat breakfast until 2pm when my cuzin brought food to my room around 3pm. I just couldnt find it in me to walk to the cafeteria..let alone chinatown or micky D.
After that I never ate again. I didnt even shower until past 5.
7:30 came around..which was time for soccer, and suddenly energy descended like a hurricane. We played till late, and then after I came was back to the day's story. Home boy no fit waka to go eat. Ive resigned to going to bed on an empty stomach. Ive tried to talk myself out of this mode but somehow, my muscles are feeling extra slushy today. So I'll give them what they want and just sleep. Before I do that tho..I need to go take a shower (I did after soccer oh!) cos ive been to this lil boring party down the hall. But I have a feeling thats not gonna happen. Im going to talk myself into 'managing' the post soccer shower.
Pls, someone pinch me! or at least carry my laptop away (its a major contributtor). and now I lay me down to sleep..I pray the Lord that days like this be few and faaaar between. Amen. Peace on y'all

Aug 20, 2010

Semester, School and Soccer

So Im back in school but the last thing on my mind is books. Instead, am all excited about the new EPL season and the excitement of a new soccer fest. As a diehard Arsenal fan, I like to think that we're in contention for the title this season, and as far as the unpredictable factors in soccer go, we just might be. I mean, watch Chamakh, or Fab, or Van P and tell me that nowhere in ur heart do u find the potential of lifting the cup in those boys (okay, there I go again with it). In al honesty, as someone who blivs in rational conclusions...Arsenal prolly wont win it. We just might see a returning Man U or a marauding Chelsea lift the trophy again this season. Still, Gunners all the way! Its amazing the kind of soccer these boys play cos if it was any other team, the title drought would have driven me away. But I watch them, and watch other teams, and I cant help but stay an Arsenal fan. Gunners 4 Life!!

But come on tho, the main gist is whassup with Thierry Henry's MLS move?! I saw posters of him in NY, making him out kinda like they did Lebby J when NY Knicks wanted him: like hes some kind of savior of the sport and shit. Im a Henry fan, courtesy of Arsenal,and I gotta give him his props, he got some awesome talent. But Henry now is not Henry of EPL and he prolly wont set evrywhere ablze like he used to. I cant get over the feeling that MLS is becoming like an overpaid retirement destination for European players. Beckham took them for a joy ride and dint even play with convinction. Angel was better, cos at least he was banging in goals evry now and then. Now, Henry.

I wish he delivers, for his own reputations sake. But sometimes it seems MLS makes these European players lazy. Like, they know they're there just to make the league look good. I hear Lampard wants to transfer to MLS at some point, and Ronaldinho is curious. Anyhow sha, if they think the leauge is so easy cos they're super stars, they may be in trouble. MLS has a lot of yung players, so these old birds better keep up. Still, I appreciate Igwe in NY, no matter what. I will go see at least one game of theirs. Ive been dreaming of going to Europe to watch real soccer stars, but maybe, the soccer stars want to come to me. Who am I to refuse??

NB: as it is im sitting in my Computer Technology class. I hope this Indian man with his muddled accent doesnt catch me blogging in class. Im outta here. Peace

Aug 14, 2010

Walking down the streets I

Tomorrow, i say goodbye to new york. Its a sad seperation, it always is. I lovr NY to death, n anyone who has spent time in the city will know why.
So today, before i leave, i talk a walk around my neighborhood to soak in the hustle n bustle that i kno i'll miss. Then i walk to madison square park a stone throw away. I spend over an hour watching friends, lovers n family have fun. I hang out with a group of hippie white kids with dyed hair n ripped jeans. They love my accent n my goth bracelet. I love their cynical humour n pretentious rebellion. I kno its just a phase. They do too, even tho they try so hard not to.
As i leave the park to head towards broadway, i see this kid trying to feed this lil squirell. The little furry was so cute, and it stood on two legs n stretched its neck to reach the food. It reminded me of alvin from alvin n the chipmunks. Sadly, it ran away beforei culd take a picture. Now, im heading towards the subway. I want to go to GROUND ZERO. I'll put up a post about it when i get back, theres no internet underground.
Peace out fellas. I will miss this city


I remember back home in Nigeria, there used to be mangoes at every market, every street corner, and with evrey fruit vendor ready to be bought for almost nothing. And I never touched them. They looked dirty, and had this smell that I just wasnt digging.
Fast forward a year later, and here I am. Ive been eating mangoes everyday for the past 2 weeks, for breakfast, and loving it!! I never knew the juicy, lovely, yummy goodness those fruits have inside them.
i love slicing it with a knife and eating it 'neatly' but sometimes I just stuff the thing in my mouth and devour it viciously. Its a burst of mango gooey flesh that gives me a fructose rush, making me chew on the seed to extract the last bit of sweetness from it. Ahhhhh!! Sweet!

So is it a surprise that now Im feeling sad cos mango goes out of season soon, not to come back till spring and summer next year. whats a man to do now?

Man, i'll miss these fruits!

Aug 13, 2010

Spider's Universe

How are yall people?
Today Im sharing a story. A simple one. Ur an anthropologist, and one day, u happen upon a spider, chilling on its web. Think about that spider, its web attached to a corner of a tree. Its universe begins and end, on that web. Her senses do not extend beyond the lines and spokes of the great wheel she inhabits. Her claws could feel every vibration throughout that delicate structure. She knows the tug of wind, the fall of rain, the flutter of a trapped moth's wings. She knows what threads to follow when her web lands a prey. Now, you take a pencil, and gently touch a strand of web. Immediately there is a response. The web, plucked by a menacing intruder, begins to vibrate rapidly until it is a blur. Anything that brushes wing or claw against that amazing snare would be trapped. As the vibrations slow, u can see the spider fingering her guidelines for signs of struggle. The pencil point was an intrusion into its universe for which no precedent existed. It could not be explained. It could not analyse it. The spider was circumscribed by spider ideas, its universe was spider universe. nothing in its make up, its build, its abilities equipped it for sensing stimuli that extend beyond the boundary of its little cosmos. All outside forces were irrational, extraneous, disobeying every law of spider universe. Do you know what that means? It means in the spider's universe, you dont exist.
This story is dedicated to all who at one time or another, have asked me why God wont show himself if He exists. It is an attempt (key word ATTEMPT) to explain to u how it is possible for God to exist and yet u wont know him. When the Bible says "the mind of flesh cannot see God" it may well be as much a scientific fact as it is a religious statement. The above is a theory. Ur free to poke holes in it as u see fit, u have my permission. (like u guys werent going to do that anyway.) Peace out

Aug 12, 2010

What is wrong with Bankole

Me:Bankole!! Bankoleeee!! Bankolleee ehh!! How many times did I call you?

Bankole: Three times Sir!

Me: what is wrong with you Bankole?
B: how do u mean?
El: Didnt you fight Gbenga Daniel the other day, in his own state, at a public function, a commissioning he invited you to for that matter?
B: But, he..
El: I said, did you or did you not fight him?!!
B: I did.
El: Good. What did you do in Abuja that I asked you to go apologise to those school children.
B: I fought.
El: Say it all, what kind of fight?
B: Royal Rampage...
El: and where was ur arena?
B: the..the legislative chambers.
El: And before that, the last time I scolded you, why did I do so?
B: because I fought with that representative from Kogi.
El: hm-hm, no. (shaking my head) say it like it happend, ngwa!
B: I beat him up.
El: Thats more like it. Now, after all these things, I warned you not to appear in the national news unless it was good news. Didnt I?
B: You did.
El: What is this? (I show him the Dailies for today)
B: But they wanted...
El: Shut up! ah, i said what is this???
B: Me.
El: Doing what?
B: Going down from British Airways flight.
El: Is that in London?
B: No, Abuja.
El: Did you board in London?
B: No, Abuja
El: Oloshi, u flew from Abuja to Abuja, eh kwa?
B: No, I refused to fly with them.
El: Why?
B: They wanted to search my carry on luggage. I left the flight rather than let them search it.
El: Why didnt you want them to search it?
B: Because.
El: What is because?
B: Because is a conjunction
(Whack! I wack him on the head with a notebook) Y didnt u let them search you? Did you pay for the flight?
B: Yes.
El: So why did u abandon ur ticket instead of allowing them to search you. You were doing Alamaseighya right? U stuff pound sterling for ur case, not so?
B: Sir, it was a matter of urgency
El: Shurrup. When I fly, they search my hand luggage. My papa, as old as he is, they search my hand luggage. Who the hell are you, Bankole?
B: Speaker of the National..
El: Shurrup. I am the microphone , the ear piece, the mouth piece and the antenna. Ur only the speaker, what do u know. ole, they for catch you for plane like this, ship u come back like deprieye. ur lucky u ran away. thief. If nothing was in ur bag, u would have allowed them to search it.
B: But I am a Speaker. I deserve diplomatic immunity
El: I would advocate the same. Thats what civilised leaders are given. But ur not a diplomat. Ur Mike Tyson in the legislator. They hear of ur fights everyday. They hear of ur looting everyday. Why will they give u diplomatic privileges when u have abused urself in the name of Nigeria. Shame on u Bankole
B: Thank u Sir!
El: Ur a disgrace!
B: I know Sir, thank u.
El: Come on smell out of my face.
(curtain closes.)
The End

Aug 11, 2010

My Past Three Days-and a hilariously Awkward Moment

Ive been working feverishly to complete a project that is due on August 13th. I can finally see the end in sight, two days before the deadline.
During these three days, I have disobeyed all the laws and norms of human nutrition and existence. My 'breakfast' time has officially become 5pm and beyond, and this is while Im up before 8am. I only leave the computer to go eat after the pangs of hunger have started getting in the way of concentration.
The things I eat nko?? terrible. carrot and apple juice. Half-done chicken fried in a hurry and eaten semi-raw, honest to God. Ive forgotten what other astrocities I may have ingested.
Then my worst offense: sleep , or the deliberate lack of it. On the average for these 3 days, I wake up at 7:30 am. This is a holiday oh, and am alone in an apartment in Manhattan. sleeping in should be the thing, and until sunday, it was. but now, once i wake up, i rush to the computer, open over a dozen tabs for research purposes, open word, excel and powerpoint and begin to hammer away. I will remain there, pausing only for aforementioned breakfast, to stretch my legs or the irresistible call of nature, until around 4a.m the next morning. Except tuesday evening when my body could take it no more and i fell asleep on the couch around 7pm. you would think i would zonk out till the next morning, but urs truly bounced up around 10:30 pm and went right back to the computer. I was there till 3am when hunger packing a heavy punch descended on my belly. I was in a state, i tried to sleep but could not. there was nothing else in my fridge that was edible except some chicken. That was what led to the half done fried chicken fiasco. And while I was frying it, I managed to set off the smoke alarm. I was fanning the alarm, trying to make it shut up cos the damn thing was loud!! Suddenly, our doorman, apparently using a spare key, burst into my apartment after only one knock! Mind u, urs truly had been balls naked almost all day cos after I showered I went right back to typing, my forgotten towel lying on the sofa right next to the computer. So now, am naked, standing on a stool, fanning a smoke alarm overhead and this over-zealous doorman barges in. Talk about awkward!! I cursed as i scrambled down and ran over to my towel, telling him as i ran that it was just smoke from my cooking, and he neednt worry. He waited until I came back, a lil more well-clad, to explain some things to me. Looking at his face, you could just see #thingsblackpeopledo written all over it like a twitter trending topic. (I and my brother are the only black people in the building, and sometimes i think these white people watch us like biology practical specimen, waiting for us to confirm one stereotype or another). Either way, at that moment, I was so embarrassed, I dint care. I just thanked him, and assured him he could leave now, no need to call the fire department, goodbye, wham, door slammed and locked!! Phew!
Aside that incident, I ve been a lil reclusive since sunday. Ive passed up an invitation to a beach, Ive been postponing a visit to my uncle, Ive not done laundry, or watched TV, or played my 'just-repaired' xbox360. My only connections to the world has been my phone and internet. But all im saying is that the end is in sight now. I dint know I had it in me to be workaholic, but thank God the time for that has drawn to a close. I can go back to procrastinating, and jiving, and having fun. See yall...Im finishing the last lap!

Aug 9, 2010

Never Underestimate

the power ur words have. Or the depth words of love can go. There was once a young child, who was considered almost a mute. She spoke few words, and only to her older brother. Everyone held her in pity. "Oh, such a beauty to be so dumb" "Aw, she will have a hard life." Some were less tactful "This child is a dummy," some called her stupid, retarded...and to her face sometimes. They forgot that even though she could not speak, she could hear, and those words crushed her inside each time she heard them.
But the poor child had a grandmother who loved her, and showed it. Granny will always say "dont mind they call u stupid. Dont mind they call you dumb. I know you are smart, and you will grow up to be a teacher." Sorrounded by all the negativity, Granny's positive words became a lifeline to the little girl and she latched on to them and took them in. As she did so, her mind believed it and her confidence grew. As her confidence grew, she challenged herself to empower her mind and to live up to her grandmother's dream. It became hers too, and it spurred her on. Each time she would remember the love in her granny's words, the power it gave her, and she would strive on with learning. That little girl grew up to become a teacher, a poet, a visionary and a leader. She walked with Presidents, and dined with royals. She became a popular figure, and spoke wise words. She received sixty five doctorate degrees, and she continues to be an inspiration to all she meets. All because, when no one else did, her grandmother spoke words of love that set her free.
This is a true story. You know that little girl. Her name is Maya Angelou. Maybe she has inspired you. But have u inspired others?

Aug 6, 2010

Tafa Balogun ( T. B.) jOSHUA

Lol, this post is really not about the ex IGP Tafa the Hog. Its abt T. B. Josh...the miracle worker. I remember when it was going round about his fracas with chris oyakhilome...over some juju thing. i never knew who he was then. I cant really say I do now, except that the more notorious a person is, the more familiar he becomes to all and evry!
Anyway, so what brot him up now? Urs truly just watched a video of his service online...and i think to say i was creeped out would be an understatement. There is totally nothing christian about the way he conducts his services, or performs his miracles. This one na jujuuuu! i fit swear for am...this is neat abracadabra.
First, the man claims his power comes from christ. so he makes people expose whatever body part they have illness in when he heals them. i mean, a sister bared her left breast, a young man actually bared HIS ASS! he had rectal cancer people, and tutu boyoyo joshua made them shoot 'before' and 'after' pictures of a grown man's wrinkly ass. lwkmd...and he had the man undress right at the podium in front of evryone. na so jesus teach...? epic fail!!
also, he does this thing where he 'remote controls' people, like wherever he moves his hand, the person hypnotically moves with him. chai chineke lord of ur children. and human beings who claim to be xtians actually rever him as a man of God. God ataala ahuhu...God has suffered.
i culd go on and on abt the stuff he does. like he put water in a big tank and claimed he magically transformed it to the 'blood of jesus' so ppl shuld go bathe, drink and apply the water to their bodies. wtf! and he says he was born with the gift of healing from birth. excuse me...the gifts of the holy spirit dont come from birth! they come when ur born least thats what evryone says from my old presby pastor right down to jesu christi himself. but no, no, tafa knows best. crap!
what baffles me is not that the man makes all these claims, but that the fakeness is so obvious that im surprised people even believe him. but i guess we humans, always looking for a short cut or quick solutions, will go any length to protect a lie if it makes us feel good about life. #wondersshallneverend #comeandseeamericawonder #imouttahere peace!

I want to steal

my brothers computer :)
he has this really awesome Mac desktop which if I had my way would have been riding with me back to skul in a few weeks.

the things his computer can do...are just awesome.

and all those wonderful apps.

my fav is the translator. Like u send me this document written in Portuguese si?lol, i just click translator and


the whole page reloads into English...!
like magic... ;)

God, when will u touch the heart of papa mi, or my own lately-misbehavin pocket so that i can finally get a Mac??
I need one ASAP. lol...any donations??

Futuristic Dating

PS pictures pop up when u click on them

Secret Angel

To the person who screamed my name

You do not know what difference it made

Thank you :)

Aug 5, 2010

When shit hits the fan

I see this blog, and blogsville as a whole as a source of releif whenver i have much more on my mind than I can carry, while retaining my sanity. I dont go into detail whenever Im emotional about things though cos I dont want to put something out there that I will not like seeing in the next ten years. Or worse, that my wife/girlfriend/mistress/concubine/significant other will not appreciate. So I talk about the generalities and how Im feeling, far more than the reason I feel that way.
Anyhow, I feel kinda crappy right now. Im in the middle of the best part of this whole summer and somoene had to mess it up by giving me a hefty dose of 'screw over'. Like, if i had a punany now, it would be so sore. And it doesnt make it better that the person happens to be someone close..
I mean, it sucks enough that you can hardly trust anyone right? Now, doesnt it even suck harder that you cant even be rest assured that someone got ur back when there is something that needs ur attention when ur not there. Like, this one aint trust..its , its more courtesy or simplehumanity, like, ur the closest person to me, i need to do shit, but im not there..and this shit has to be done. Like, trust or not, even a relatively distant acquaintance would go ahead and do it. Not so? Okay, prolly not, but at least theywould alert me to the shit going down in my absence and then leave the rest for me to work out. But anyone who is a personal friend almost does it automatically. So why? Wai wood a bonafyd sombori just let my shit hit the fan like that?
Well, that ones done for. Ive initiated damage control, but someone please wish me luck. Im fortunate to have some people that still answer when I call, if not what would I have done. to borrow my friends manner of expression #natogocommitsuicidebedat. Thank God for His many blessings.
Anyhow shaa...other things happened today. I had a phone conversation that has entirely changed the dynamics of my relationship with my family. Due to the fact Im the youngest, Ive been the "givee" for far too long, with others being the 'giver'. well they told me to buckle up cos the flow has ended, so money will only flow into my pocket from two ways.and 2 ways income, and my dad. So all those little rivulets of kwik cash..bam! gone. Im going to miss that.
I know whats coming next. The next stage is when responsibility kicks in and new rivulets appear, only with cash flowing the other way. I used to think it would never happen cos i was the yungest, but meyn. i realise that was wishful thinking. So even tho no ones said anything like that yet..i know they're thinking it. and when they do say it, I'll be prepped.
Well, people...dont mind my title. shit aint hit the fan yet. cos i know if it did, it would be damned stinky in here. and at the moment..all i smell is roses. thats y i know i'll b fine. peace on yall.

Aug 4, 2010

Random Reflections

My body is tired from the long day I had, but my mind is still so hyper-active. So lying on my bed, stretched out comfortably, I blog
I reflect on how much fun I had today. Rockefeller Center, the Mall, visiting friends all over the city. I met up with Jaz (a babe i met on New Year eve) and we finally went for a drink. At starbux, lol, during her break time. And then in the evening, we went to the movies. I finally saw Inception, and I must say, that is one awesome movie!!
Jaz and I finally buried evrything so as we left the theater, she hugged me and entered the taxi. As she sped off, I knew that was prolly that last time we would see each other. "We'll keep in touch", she'd said, but i had deleted her number before I got to the intersection and descended the stairs to the subway. Let bygones be bygones.
I think about the dude i saw lying on the sidewalk on a makeshift bed made from flattened out cartons. His eyes were closed, and he had a blanket draped across his torso. His sleep was deep, carefree and peaceful. Beside him was a cup with coins in it, and a plaque that read "Homeless and Broke. Donations Please". I wondered if he would look so peaceful when he was awake. I put one dollar in the coin. Its the first time I'll give to the homeless since I came to the US.

Right now, Im looking at the stuff I bot at the mall. The jeans are typically tight, not leg hugging tight, but enough to make the boys down south sneer. I bought two, to get more later. I got an Omega chain wristwatch and an adidas water resistant one, for swimming. They were pretty expensive. As I look at them, the words "Homeless and Broke." swim across my eyes. I refuse to feel guilty.

I reflect on the facebook chat I had with a revolutionary African American school mate of mine. He is waking up to some things and wants my mentorship. I feel kinda honored that he thinks im worth being listened to, but i try to let him knw Im not all that. He still believes Im good enuf, so i thank him and promised to try to live up to expectations.

Finally, I think about Bradley Manning. In case you dont knw about him, hes a US Army private that is accused of supplying WikiLeaks with classified military documents showing that US committed war crimes. Now, he is facing 52 years in prison. An organisation has sprung up to raise money and mobilise people for his defense. Their rally cry is :Exposing war crimes is not a crime. I sympathise with him, and commend his courage. Thats why Im putting the link to the site here, just in case u feel like contributing to his cause.

Well, thats it folks. Ive unburdened my mind. Im going to bed now. Sleep well, and have a wonderful tomorrow. Shalom

Aug 3, 2010

Obama and Young African Leaders

I forgot who said that "There is nothing more encouraging, more inspiring, and more revolutionary as a young generation taking their fate into their own hands." Thats how I felt today, as I watched Mr. Obama engage young African leaders in a forum in the white house today. Thanks to technology, it was streaming live on facebook. Few years ago, we would still be waiting for newspapers to carry it.

Anyway, I was impressed with how articulate, how intelligent and how powerful the youngsters were as they expressed their views and opinions on the current state of events in Africa. And Obama in his usual charisma, didnt fail to praise their efforts. "You are the heirs of the year of Africa, 196o..the successors of the vision of nationalists who made it possible for you to be born in free nations. As they inspired you, so will you provide inspiration to the next generation."

Obama considers himself and people his age as too old to be the ones powering African continent. He believes that he needs to reach even younger people. Talk about vision. Our own leaders want to stay in power even till they are ninety. They consider a fifty year old too inexperienced and young to lead a country. They wont hear Obama when he says "I, and people in my generation are too old to be the powerhouses." They wont learn to trust the winds of progress. Why should they when it will render them irrelevant.

And when one person raised the question of the brain drain, I loved Obama's answer. "Its about what you choose. It may be more risky to go home, because you dont have well defined chances of success and things may go both ways, but you're probably going to make more impact. And you have more chances for growth. Staying in a foreign land is the 'safe' way to go, but going back home may be a more fruitful thing." That made me raise more questions about myself. Do I want to make impact, or play it safe? Am I brave enough to face the uncertainties of going back home, or will I take the cowards way out? I kno yall think bcos I put it that way it makes the choice easier. It doesnt. Only time will tell. Only time...

I especially loved the question asked by a girl from somalia : "How much support do we expect from the world out there? And I mean not just financial aid, cos that is so easy to do, but humane, back up support, a voice that can hear when we call, a hand ready to help when we need it?"
I couldnt get Obama's answer cos the woman cleaning my apartment suddenly carried her vaccuum cleaner over to where i sat so i couldnt hear nothing again. not even with my lil ipod earphone. See frustration! And at the exact time Obama finished answerin the question, she put the thing off. Ah Ah! And by that time, the forum was ended.
On a lighter note, did anyone see the awesomeness of the clothing worn by all the delegates, male and female. One that especially caught my eye was the purple gown worn by one beautiful girl from Mali. Then when she spoke, omg, her french, her voice, Ah! iM IN LOVE!! er, sorry, i digress.
In my own opinion, the forum was a success. I dont entirely trust the US' intentions. Exactly what kind of partnership can exist between a weaker and a stronger power except a parasitic one? But at least it gives the young people of Africa much needed exposure, motivation, and inspiration to work harder and follow their dreams. Let the old folk watch out. A revolution is boiling.
May we all live to see the day when young men and women in Nigeria and Africa will hold the reins of economic and politcal development . And on that day, may I see you there. Peace out

If I Fail, If I Succeed

Its surprising how little things can become major influences in our lives. A little change can be all you need to make a big difference. For the past few months, Ive been working on two things repeatedly and not making much success. And I knew why. I was stuggling to do by myself things that I wasnt the most qualified for. I was passionate about them but passion without ability tends to lead to frustration.

I talked to my dad about it. In his usual manner he saw right down to the core of the matter. "You need to find someone who does it better and let them take the responsibility of bringing it to fruition."

I didnt want to do that, cos I was scared that that would undermine my own sense of accomplishment and my ownership of the idea. But my dad encouraged me to take the step and trust someone. In his own words "in the world of business, there is no guarantee people wont betray your trust. But only from them will u learn who to trust and who not to trust. Let someone execute your idea, it remains yours but of course you will share ownership. No one ever made it in life, solely on their own merit. Thats why people hire workers, and partners, and assistants. Its time to stop being a lone wolf."

He said so much more, but in the end, he let me know that you may not trust people, but dont act like it until they give u reason not to. So I agreed. I took a step of faith. And though its a little bit too early, it looks like it was the right thing to do. So Im taking more and more steps. Lets see how it goes...someone say a prayer for me.


Aug 2, 2010

Musing of ur Loyal "High"-ness

This is how Im wandering

thru life's dark forests round and round, Im stumbling

Questions, doubts and fears together jumbled

creating an enigmatic riddle

Its puzzling

I try my hand, and fail, at unraveling

the questions in my life are beyond my comprehension!

Someone give me answers!!

Save my soul from depression!!

God, if you're there, wont you save me from this apprehension?!

This darkness, this oppression

These doubts, these failures that push me to my destruction

I need peace!

Do I have to die before I rest in peace?!

Do I have to watch as you tear me piece by piece?

Does the song in my heart have to die beat by beat?!

Im at my victory moment, why do I taste defeat?

I see it now, I realise what this life was meant to be

Its a game of solitaire

A lonely walk in the darkness, a journey so solitary

I light up my darkness and inhale my peace

It closes my eyelids. It sets me on wings.

I rise from the darkness, I soar, I fly

I sing songs of brightness, of homes, in the sky

Of angels, with trumpets, at one with the light

Then I open my eyes and I laugh at the lie

Im still sitting here, no escape from the night.

Just pitch blackness, illuminated by the glowing tip of my high

I laugh again. Then I cry.

Im still wandering. Wondering.

How long before I die.


Deeper Lyf

Wooow, it feels good to be back to NY. Missed these yellow taxis with all their craziness.
And my ever disarrayed bedroom.

Now lemme devote this next two weeks to self indulgent fun. I deserve it.

I went to church yesterday after a long eight month absence. It was my friend who dragged me to Deeper Life. SMH, i had to dwell on the positives, right till end of the 5hr service, and yall know its never gud when a brother begins to encourage himself to count his blessings in order to endure the boredomity of church.

Like, to avoid lookin at the pastor's face (which was stuck in a natural grimace) i admired the lead chorister. Until she started singing...and her voice was more painful than a siren. I had to close my eyes(and ears) and pretend to be in the spirit. U dont even want to hear about the preaching. Lets just say I've never been happier to share the grace as I was when service ended. My faith had taken a serious hit.

Lesson: never accept an invitation to a church unless the invitor plays a footage of their service. I can hear someone ask, churches are being interviewed now? Hell yea! If its not mine, ur damn sure Im going to ask for footage. If ur church doesnt have recordings of their service, then its already told me all i need to know. I can spend that time drinking smirnoff in my lovable bed.

Peace out people. Im going to have my fun. Adios!!