Oct 31, 2010

When Kanye West Was A Gospel Rapper

I dont even need to ask people what they've heard about Kanye West being a Mason and Luciferan and all that. Thats not my argument. I do sincerely in all honesty bliv that he has issues though, since I definitely evaluate a man by his words and actions. So what do I say to a man who sings lyrics like these "I love the devil 3X"  and "we love Jesus but we done learned a lot from Satan. and then goes on to say "Satan, satan, satan". I say the man definitely is clear in his beliefs and he should be proud of it. (In case u wanna check out the lyrics, its in his "The Devil In New Colours" track featuring the model Selita as d phoenix.)
What I discovered today though, is that Kanye West actually had an early start with one christian track, "Jesus Walks." The song blew up pretty hard and helped launch him. Here are some lyrics "God show me the way because the Devil trying to break me down/ Jesus Walks with me."  "I ain't here to argue about his facial features, But here to convert atheists into believers
I'm just trying to say the way school need teachers
The way Kathie Lee needed Regis that's the way I need Jesus".

Apparently, (just my hypothesis) a few things happened. 1. He realised quickly that Jesus doesnt bring in the money or sign the record deal. 2. He got tired of waiting on Jesus and found out that Satan answers faster, and gives u quicker fixes. 3. If u rap about Jesus, people watch for u to fuck up, if u rap about Satan, people EXPECT you to fuck up, and let you get away with it. thats what sinners do already, no? 4. He became a Mason and converted to Luciferanism. 

Or maybe he is just a smart, though arrogant guy figuring out a way to live his life. Either way, he is so far gone from the man that rapped about "if I talked about my God so i wont get played?"
I dont blame him though, cos even as a Christian, I have thought so many questionable thoughts that Im wondering if Im not Illuminati myself. And anyone that has been to Truth Don Die will certainly declare all of us ILLUMINATI.  All Im saying is, a person's beliefs and convinctions change, and so long as he raps EXACTLY what he feels, and is making a success out of it, then dont sweat it. Get off his wrinkly unshaved dick. #OkBye

Oct 30, 2010

Na Which kAIN Yawa Be thiss???

I was bitching about Ghanaian people and their borderline porn movies. Who would have guessed I would one day see this 

The sneer I use to tell my Ghanaian friend "we're not desperate and trashy like u guys" "we have some decency" and all that has been plastered on my face into a grimace. The worst is seeing the two guys kissing. Its icky...a lot. Makes me positively wanna puke, and anyone that thinks I owe them an apology for that should go and kiss Majela's butt. 
My respect for Nollywood has taken a major nosedive. I dont know if its just me, but I think this path they are following Ghana on may cost them the respect among other African countries and around the world that they have built so far. Theres such a thing as trying too hard. I think thats what they're doing now.

Oct 29, 2010

My American Life vs. My Nigerian Life

If ur close to me in any way, you'll probably have heard me say time and time again "America aint shit". And not that Im hating on this country, which is amazing, when u think about the geographical, racial and cultural diversity they have to keep running together in some type of orderly manner. All Im saying is, compared to my life in Nigeria, am really not having the best of times. Lemme give u details.
1. In Nigeria, Im almost never broke. I mean, there are always days when I wasnt too bouyant or my wallet could be seeing better days. But my account was almost always kinda healthy since I paid for little, and could always walk up to my dad for a lil 'hand-out'. Here, my dad could care less, unless its something important, the pocket money I receive has to do. And Im ALWAYS paying for something. Somehow, the thing adds up to me almost always thinking how long before the money on me runs out. Not a good thing. 

2. In Nigeria, my days and my time were mine to work with. I loved the pace (which was slow) and the way it seems my life actually was in my control. In America, it seems am always racing against some time machine or deadline or something. And even though I love the fast pace sometimes, I wonder if I wont go the way all America goes and have a heart attack when Im barely fifty. And Im not even working yet.

3. In Nigeria, the girls had substance. I admit they were also much harder to get, much more demanding and a tad boring. Just a teeny tad. Compensating for all that, Nigerian girls are more mature, strong, and smart enough to talk and be deep friends with whether yu guys are having sex or not. In America, the ones that you can talk with, dont want sex. The ones that want sex cant hold a decent conversation. The ones that can do both comfortably...are gay. 

4. Back home, I didnt have much but I actually felt richer than I do now. It seems no matter how much money you have in America, its never enough.

5. In Nigeria, school was harder. This is one area I think being in America is the most awesome thing to happen to me. I loooove the way they teach, I love doing tests online and the confidence that I know am seeing a fat A when that paper returns. And to think that if I happen to go back home, I still get the preferential treatment. Talk about winning both ways.

6. I can do what I want in America. I actually have the full understanding that my life is what I make of it. In Nigeria, my parents, esp my father and my annoying sisters ran my life. TOTALLY, including how many times I could legally gas before I started paying the fine of 100 naira per fart.

7. I was hardly the type to party in Naij. I mean we went to friends places, or high school parties or in our house in the village. but I never went to a club for one time in my life back home. Here in America, the party animal in me came out and blossomed. And Im loving it arrrghh!! (so gimme that) lol

8. In Nigeria I spoke fluent English and Ibo. I still speak fluent Ibo. My English on the other hand is an atrocity right now. I catch myself speaking ebonics at the wrongest moments, like in totally all the wrong moments. Insert>> interview, presentation, what not.

9. I used to be a romantic. America has so opened my eyes, though I like to believe that somewhere inside, that romantic is still chilling. 

10. In Nigeria, I never thought anything about people's opinions. Now, I still dont give a shit about what people think. Yea, I never cursed in Nigeria. but language aside, that is one area nothing has changed about me. Ask my sisters back home. Or ask my friends here now. El doesnt listen to any damn body but his own. 

So thats it. Theres a lot more things different about here and home. But I would never change one for the other cos they're awesome in their different ways. And Im glad to be in both. At different times, anyways. Peace out yall. Lemme hear ur thoughts.

Oct 26, 2010

My Dark Days-I wish I could Cry

So today it finally hits me. The denial is gone, my mind has processed it and finally the grief I tot I had mastered, has let loose. For the second time, death has intruded into my reality and the scales have dropped from my eyes. People die. And when they do, people cry. 
I wish I culd cry. I wish the swirl of emotions would find expression in tears that wash away the heaviness and set me free to mourn and get over it. When my mum died, I never cried. I sunk myself into exams, travel preparations, running checklists over and over in my mind so that I wouldnt confront the thoughts that placed their heavy grip on my chest. I did eventually let it out, after I had gotten my visa and had no other thoughts to push them back with. I collapsed on my bedroom floor, international passport in hand, two months after my mum's funeral and finally cried for her. I remember when people looked at my dry eyes during her funeral and remarked "hes a strong man, lionheart," and stuff like that. If only they knew.
Once again I find myself writing, blogging, doing homework that I would normally ignore, anything to take my mind off the fact that Dr. Tony-Adams Aburime, the most convivial, endearing and annoyingly pleasant guy I knew, a father figure, mentor and boss has left this world. And most suddenly too. I saw him on thursday. He was fine. On monday, he was dead. Its a dark, dark  day in my life right now. 
I summoned the courage to write this because letting it out may be what I need to put it behind me. And as I write, my thoughts dance around death. One prayer I ask, that God in heaven should keep my dad safe, and let him stay alive for far longer than ever. I love that man to death, and hes the only one I have. Let nothing happen to him anytime soon.
As for Doc, you've finally seen what its like on the other side. I hope its everything you wanted it to be, and more. R.I.P. and may my days be filled with brightness once again. Cos even though misery loves company, I like to grieve alone. 

Oct 20, 2010

The Zetgeist Utopia--Bag of Dreams, or Tower of Innovation?

As far as Idealism goes, I must admit I am a sucker for them. It is so beautiful when we use our imagination to recreate our world, and this is the main thing the Zeitgeist Movement does. Projections of idealism are touching, but the truth is that their views are largely utopic.
To see what they are about, take a look at this and read up on what they are proposing. Umm...it sounds good and shit. And is really a brilliant bit of inspiration. But is this workable?
Maybe, maybe not. Im not quite convinced it can be done.Human society has evolved in a variety of ways for millenia, and the further into the future, the more developed we seem to get (except for those awkward Dark Ages), generally speaking. So of course, in time, there will be a time when technology will eliminate waste, and there will be a surplus of abundance. But that doesnt necessarily mean there wont be any state, or money or profit. There may be at a point, enough abundance in the world that poverty will become a relative term, instead of denoting scarcity. But the fundamental human characteristic is "individual" even when he is part of a whole, the human sees himself as a seperate unit with his own desires and motivations. So I dont see a time when every one will work for a common good, and there will be no military or crime or shit. Woow, but, nope.

What people dont realise is that all crime doesnt necessarily stem from economic scarcity, which is something capitalism has been accused of (sometimes its true, artificial scarcity makes big bucks..and sometimes, things are just scarce, period).  But what about the fact that sometimes, people just do things for the pleasure. In this their future, lovey dovey utopia...what if one day, Mr. A sees the super sexy wife of Mr. B and seduces her. Mr. B. finds out and strangles/shoots Mr. A. No amount of lovey doveyness is going to convince Mr. B that his wife is the property of all. So this their utopia wont b so crimeless, unless a state apparatus is put in place.
I could go on and on about this..but its really 3 am, and I really dont feel like continuing. Suffice it to say that Cain dint kill Abel so he could eat his sheep.

Its just cool tho...to see that some people take the human condition seriously. It touches my heart. For real. And thats why im gonna have to keep my verdict and let yall decide. Is this a workable thing?

Oct 19, 2010

Catch a Racist Being Racist

Its one of the most mouthed words everywhere u go.. "race, race, race this, minority that, " blah blah blah. so ur gotta realise that some day, ur gonna need to call someone out because they said something, or did something that is racist. Thats just reality. Now first thing to be aware of is that there is a monumental difference between what a person DOES and who a person IS. Now, a person may do something racist, and you can say "Hey, what u said or did was racist" or the thing I like to call the  'what you did' conversation. Thats a conversation you wanna have. The "what you are" conversation, you dont want to have. When you see what a person does and then try to use it to come to conclusions as to the kind of person he is, you have left the realm of the concrete and entered into speculation about his motivations, intentions and thoughts. This is an area we cannot prove anything. And the danger is not that when you call him/her a racist that you may be wrong, The fear is actually that you may be right. Cos if you are right, and that person is racist, you have made it all too easy for him to save his skin by denying that he had the motives you accuse him for. Thats why you see politicians like Joe Wilson trying to divert media attention from what they did to who they are. You see defenses like "I have know this man for fifty years he has never been racist." and "He is an upright, American with no racial bias ". And when you try to bring the argument back to the actual facts, its already too late cos the 'what you are' conversation has drawn all the attention.  So focus on the 'what you did' conversation. There the racist has few chances of slipping away. After all, when a thief steals my wallet, I dont chase after him to see whether he thinks he is a thief on the inside, all I care is my stolen wallet. Thats how u shuld fce a racist. Hold him accountable for what he did. That gives him no wiggle room. Okay? lol, peace out. 

Oct 18, 2010

Nas n Marley: Genius Music

Heres my best track from the Distant Relatives album by these two insanely good men. There are few songs that I have loved as I love this song right now. Its for those of us who know where we are from, and are conscious of the bias that follows us around when we tell people we're African. Kicking back and closing my eyes to this song was the high point of my day. Btw, Damien killed it on this.

Life: A Journey of Opposites

I have learned another lesson in life. To get to a certain place, we have to go the opposite way. To go up, head downwards. To go forward, take a few steps backwards. To be rich, be willing to live poor for a time. To gain love, give it more. To bring someone closer, move back a little from them.
Its like the law of opposite charges attracting. Or plus and minus equals plus.
Which is why discipline is absolutely essential. So as of today, I am learning discipline. Heading the other way to achieve my goal.
And when u really think about it, it is the opposites of life that give it its full meaning. Heaven wouldnt hold much appeal if we didnt know hell. If you have never been sad, happiness would just be nothing. It takes love, to hate a person. And its loss that makes u appreciative of gain.
This is a lil philosophical, and I dont like getting too philosophical in my blog. Its just a story telling medium..and a quasi-chronicle. So lemme get back to living. And learning. And sharing. Peace out

Oct 15, 2010

My In-Dependence Mojo

   Hey folks. Its been a while I was up here..Im sorry about that. Its just that Ive discovered a new love, and her name is..well shes not really a 'her' cos if ur a girl she becomes a 'he' so i guess it depends on who. But my new love is TWITTER!! lol #OldGist yea, but really, i dint realise how much fun twirra culd be..caught up on fb and all. Just as I was the original Apple Master until i got on twitter, and now it seems Im on my way to getting a BlackBerry.  Seriously, my reputation for trendsetting has taken a major hit! But i aint even sweating..cos lifes too good right now. And yea, follow me @eldivyn. Watch for my BBM pin when i get the Bold. Anyone with an unlocked BB torch, gimme a holla tho. At least let my trending mojo appreciate a bit. 
    Anyway,in honor of Niaja's independence Im really thinking about how far Ive come in life. My decision making ability used to be a shamble. Now, I run my show confidently, making major decisions everywhere I go. The whole world sees the outside show, but inside, Im shaking. People listen to my advice, and I have to pray to God that what Im telling them is not some bullshit load. And as we speak, Im working on a lot of things that will lead me to my dreams. Its hardwork, but hey, Im well prepared.
What bothers me tho, is how difficult it is to wean myself of dependence on my dad. I mean, I dont run to him for any single thing, Ive never done that...and Im sure few people over the age of 15 do that anyways. But I tot by now, I'll b a man of my own, only going to him for advice or on really really major ish like school fees or a huge expense. In real terms, I wanted to NOT NEED father's pocket money, or the occasional jara he sends. But as we speak mehn, it was the small kudi he sent that saved me from a major situation of Brokeness. So now, its makin it more difficult to stay INDEPENDENT. lol..but what else can i do but try...
Peace out folks.
till we see again..

Oct 6, 2010

Nigeria IS Fifty


some people could know the difference between



If I choose, I can be all lovey-dovey and #letslookonthelightside of dark things. Nigeria certainly has enuf critics that any voice of appreciation is welcome. I sincerely appreciate the appreciaters. But shit, this is my blog and Im not feeling appreciative of Nigeria right now, so if that makes me a hater, dang, hater I am then.But only thing Im gonna spew here is shit that I feel, no lace ups, enuf edits to make grammatical sense, no more. 
That said, what did we celebrate 50 years of?? Only one thing: that we're not dead yet, and that we're still in this together. Every other thing is either a failure, or close to it. A few success stories here and there, a few shining spots in the darkness does not remove anything from the fact that we live in a country where nothing works, no one stands for anything, people fuck each other over, conditions are squalid..like the whole country is a whole fucking ghetto. There, I said it and Im Nigerian. Crucify me, if yall please.

Im not surprised that people run away from Nigeria, some of them die under plane wheels or in d desert. I dont blame them at all. Im surprised everyone hasnt left already. Im wondering what keeps them? And then I realise that its that most indispensable of human traits: hope. Thats what lines every cloud with a silver lining. Whether our hopes are rightly placed or not is a different discussion. But to me, our 50th anniversary should be a celebration of the 'audacity of hope'. A proclamation that we might be tortuously existing now, but we know who we are, and we can do better. Its a time to wipe of the slate, and begin again. If the old guard will let us. 
My hope doesnt lie in government. Those fucks can have their 72 million naira cakes anyway, we are sick and tired of harping about their thievings already. Anyone who can light fireworks while 15 innocent children are held hostage should resign from d human race and die already. And dont even tell me abt the fact that they were released...even if they werent would the celebrations not have gone on? I tell you, the day God will judge Nigeria, it will be hot on all of us cos d bloodstain on our flag is beyond cleaning. 

My hope lies in the common man. The youth especially. The old generation has gradually succumbed to the glass ceiling, and put a limit to their aspirations. They have decided that they cannot remove this government. They have given up. But the young have seen beyond that. We have stretched our wings with Nollywood, our music industry and our businesses and we have realised that we can rule the sky. So we are not ready to live under chains.  We are the hope of Nigeria. And that is the only reason why, on October 1st 2010, I had the nerve to open my twitter page and wish all my Nigerians a #Happy50thAnniversary
Peace out.