Feb 21, 2012

A Sure fire Way To Remove Money From Politics

Much outcry is constantly being made about money in politics. Everyone condemns it as bad, the politicians score cheap points opposing it, while even the corporations blamed for it, would rather not do it. But after all the hell raised, the influence of money in politics is increasing instead of decreasing.
Here's what I suggest: stop giving government all these unnecessary regulatory powers. You can't legislate your way to perfection, so this impulsive increasing of regulations for government to tackle every problem in sight, real or imaginary is the real reason money is increasingly pouring into politics. With mounting regulations, corporations will have to run to government for permission to do everything. Its not that they won't still do it, the politicians will just be paid for it. So at the end of the day, government becomes a tool to enrich a few fat cats, without doing anything any differently. Strip government of unnecessary regulatory powers, corporations will have fewer reason to lobby it, and bingo, politics is free of money, or at least less encumbered.
Most regulations are really not as necessary as you think. Majority of it are already regulated by self-interest and market risk. Politicians just use it as a way of grandstanding to gain votes, or say they did something. So for those of you congratulating the current Democrats on Dodd-Frank Financial Regulation bill, as we speak, corporations are still calculating how much more money that bill is going to cause them to spend, on lobbying. Its running into billions, and only 39 out of the approximately 1300 specific regulations are in effect for now. So expect billions more. And you know the funny thing? A finance expert, asked by the Senate committee said "I don't think this bill will really prevent another recession." Say whatt????
So there you go. You can stop asking for politicians to make these rules that they're just going to apply to people based on the highest bidder, or you get used to the fact that money will continue to influence politics. You can't have both. Choose one.

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